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Russell Hastings has been working with Bruce Foxton since 2007 when Russell and 

Rick Buckler were touring with The Gift which was formed in 2006.


Russell has been the only frontman to work with both Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton 

since Paul Weller split The Jam in 1982 and has been earning respect from fans

across the world as a frontman and with his guitar skills.


As a genuine Jam fan, his passion and understanding of The Jam's history is second

to none and has toured the world playing to packed houses of Jam fans for years.


Russell was also co writer on Bruce Foxton's last album "Back In The Room"

which reached Number 21 in the Independent album charts and was received

with great acclaim.


He also worked alongside Paul Weller, Wilko Johnson and Steve Cropper 

to name just a few. 






Gibson Junior guitar

Fender Telecaster 52

Rickenbacker 330 1981

Takaminie EN20 6 string acoustic

Guild 12 String JF55



Rotosound 11's guitars

Rotosound 13's acoustic guitars



Marshall JMP 50w Head amplifiers

Marshall JMP 100w Head


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